West 5 Mac & Cheese- The Ultimate Comfort Food

by Lori Hinton When the holidaze are feeling hectic, it’s time to sloooow doooown for a little comfort food. Maybe melted cheese comes to mind? And what could be better than cozying up to a steaming bowl of West 5’s oven-baked Astral Mac N Cheese? Some say it’s the best in the West Seattle. Others say it’s the best on the West Coast (in fact it was picked 2nd best in America according to the November edition of Cooking with Paula Deen magazine). Some may even argue it’s the best in the entire Western Hemisphere. Taste for yourself and see! - Tony Blazejack / Vecta Photo West 5’s melt-in-your-mouth classic features five fabulous cheeses—Tillamook Cheddar, American, Swiss, Romano and cream cheese. And the Astral Mac N Cheese is not made with your typical elbow macaroni. Instead, the award-winning dish uses radiatorre pasta that “seizes onto the cheese sauce so every bite is balanced and delicious.” Each dish is oven-baked to order, sprinkled with breadcrumbs for a crispy cheese-enveloping crust, and served piping hot with a side of bread and butter. It comes in size small for $9.95 or large for $11.95. And here’s a tasty tidbit: Though you won’t find it written on the menu, locals can customize their mac n cheese with scores of different ingredients—from bacon and sausage to broccoli, tomato and more! Just ask your friendly server or bartender (and don’t forget the secret Westside wink 😉 )]]>

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