A Fresh Healthy Start

At 8 Limbs Yoga in West Seattle, is a nice small studio where you can escape, breathe in and out and enjoy various types of yoga classes. From Flow to, Prenatal to Medication, you can choose what works best for you and your body, in a non competitive atmosphere. bootcampEnergize yourself and get into high gear with Boot Camp classes with Jill at Fitness Revolution. Her coaching and motivating style helps makes you do what you don’t want to do but you’d be so happy you did it, because she pushes you to be the healthier you. If you’ve been curious about hot yoga and been meaning to try it for a while. Start your classes at Meserve Studios. The heat in Bikram yoga will help you stretch safely and as you sweat, your body is ridding itself of all its toxins. Need someone to push you as you get fit? Fitness Together provides one on one personal training that would fit your health needs. It’s easier to get back into the game when you have someone motivating you to get into shape. Snap Fitness, is a great alternative if you want to workout out quick and easy. Their gym is clean and with up to date equipments, it’s a great workout spot that’s just a stones throw away from where you live. It’s a great on the way to work or after work gym. We hope you find the perfect place and perfect regimen to keep your health up to where you want it to be.  Happy New Year everyone!]]>

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