West Seattle Summer Fest Music is Awesome!

Hey, what are you doing next weekend? Going to West Seattle Summer Fest of course! There are so many amazing bands, it’s hard to choose which ones to see. We thought we’d give you a little help by giving you a little info about one of the featured bands – The Cops! The Cops are a band of the people; born out of repression, revulsion, frustration and all the other things that make life so horrible and rock bands so great…Dynamiting the walls of classic rock and rebuilding on the crumbling foundations, The Cops have constructed a set filled with scratching, twitching, aching, unholy rock music that still manages to be both familiar and crucially entertaining…No fuss, no muss, no stupid hippie haircuts. So there you have it! Now it’s up to you to decide, The Cops play Friday night, July 9th, from 9-10 pm! Check out the full music line-up. *Photo: Curt Doughty (copyright 2007) ]]>

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