West Seattle – It's Closer Than You Think

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Make your own way to the West Seattle Junction. It’s hometown in a big city, with the magic of a place apart. It’s people who care about their community, and show it off in the great food, drink, style, and gear they share with those who visit. West Seattle’s soulful, original vibe grows from a community uniquely set apart from Seattle’s big city.

West Seattle has its own vibe. We are set apart from the rest of Seattle in a very unique way – and it shows through our community, people, and businesses. Set in the heart of West Seattle is the West Seattle Junction: the center of art and commerce for the incredible people that encompass our neighborhood. Whether you’re looking to visit, or for a more permanent change of scenery – look no further than the soulful, vibrant community of West Seattle.

Explore the Junction, beaches and forested parks only minutes from downtown by water taxi. Experience just why merchants and residents hold West Seattle close to their heart. In fact, listen to the very heartbeat of West Seattle through the words of the local business owners who make the Junction so special.   A trip to West Seattle is a remarkable experience, making any visit to Seattle more meaningful. This large neighborhood is surrounded by water, graced by forested parks, and easily accessible from the many Port of Seattle points of entry, by water, road, your wheels, or someone else’s. West Seattle is full of Seattle heritage character but energized by our businesses’ vision of what West Seattle means to Seattle’s future. This urban enclave is a cozy place to recharge and refresh, and see the natural world in all its glory – especially en route by ferry, accompanied by seals, dolphins, salmon, or Orca whales.

Grab a friend and start your adventure by Water Taxi, the most beautiful commute in the Northwest. Stroll, shop, and linger, surrounded by the soulful Westside vibe. Hike forested parks and relax at the beach. It’s all here and it’s all for the experience. 

West Seattle – the magic of a place apart – and it’s yours to experience on your next trip! Great strolling, nibbles, and sips. A community that holds each other up.  Thank you to the Port of Seattle for the generous Grant. [caption id="attachment_23982" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Thank you for your support![/caption]   Shot & Directed by: Ryan Cory (https://ryancory.com) Commissioned by: Lora Radford (Executive Director of WSJ) Special Thanks to the following businesses for lending their voices: Easy Street Records – (https://easystreetonline.com) Thunder Road Guitars – (https://www.thunderroadguitars.com) Fleurt Collective – (https://fleurtcollective.com) Husky Deli – (https://www.huskydeli.com) Elliot Bay Brewery – (https://www.elliottbaybrewing.com) Lika Love Boutique – (https://likalove.com) West 5 – (https://westfive.com) Darby Winery – (https://darbywinery.com) Pegasus Books – (http://www.pegasusbookexchange.com/p/store-info.html) Menashe & Sons Jewelers – (https://www.menashejewelers.com) Click! – (https://clickdesignthatfits.com)   RESONATE FILMS, LLC ©2020  ]]>

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