Pasta Pop-Ups at Quadrato

quadratopasta It isn’t all about pizza at Quadrato. They also have sandwiches and desserts. But this time, they are taking it up another notch with Pasta Pop-ups on Monday nights. Cary Kemp of Quadrato is partnering with Chef Mark Fuller of Ma’ono to host this delicious event.

Pasta Pop Up at Quadrato starting Monday nights at 6:30. Chef Mark Fuller of Ma’ono will be joining us and making fresh pasta with choices of Marinara, Marinara with Veal Meatballs, Linguini with Clams and White Sauce and Linguini with Rapini and Garlic, all served with Grand Central Bakery Garlic Bread. 8 seats at the Quadrato counter so orders will be available for take out as well. See you tomorrow night. There will be wine.”
Head on over to Quadrato on Monday nights and slurrrrrp the night away. Quadrato is located in the West Seattle Junction at 4302 SW Oregon St.]]>

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