Parking in the West Seattle Junction

Parking in the Junction

West Seattle Junction Reimagines Parking

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With density comes a modern way to address parking in the heart of West Seattle  

For over 30 years the West Seattle Junction merchants have paid for the ‘free’ parking lots in the heart of West Seattle. A benefit that has been shared with the community, will be turning a new chapter in the parking lot book in 2021.

“We live in a world where the definition of transportation has changed since the 1970s. People have the power to get around West Seattle in different ways.” Says Lora Radford, West Seattle Junction Executive Director.

In partnership with Diamond Parking, who has been working with the Junction since 1997, the merchant-funded parking spaces will be upgraded to pay parking on January 15th, 2021. The change comes at a time where the Junction has been shouldering the full cost of rapidly increasing taxes that has become unsustainable. 100% of the Junction’s portion of the revenue from the paid parking will be applied to the tax burden, lessening the amount due but by no means paying for the entire obligation.

The idea of maintaining free parking in an urban village like the Junction (the last in the City of Seattle), is no surprise for the residents. In early 2019 the Junction conducted a community survey (through a grant), that underscored the sentiment free parking was an anomaly in a rapidly growing city.

Especially in this time, the Junction has asked the community to include the support of small businesses in their daily lives. The request for West Seattleites to pay a modest $2 to $3 per hour (the cost of a greeting card, cup of coffee, or craft beer) to preserve the economic vibrancy of their downtown should be a simple request.

“For many, experiencing the downtown of West Seattle will become easier”. Continues Radford. “The ability to find parking each time you visit the Junction will increase dramatically with the movement into paid parking. Gone will be the days of cars parked in the lots for hours at a time”.     

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The experiences of West Seattleites are a true reflection of who they are and what they care about, and visiting the Junction is one of the most vivid examples of normalcy in a far-from-normal world. For some, a trip to the West Seattle Junction is, in itself, the only and best destination. People can feel the heartbeat of some of the best small businesses through a perfectly scooped ice cream, to the bite of a tangy piece of pizza, or through quirky items found at local independent shops. They can reflect on collections of cultural significance through the murals or take a stroll under the flower baskets heavy with summer blooms.

Luckily for them, the Junction can continue to offer an avenue to attract those uniquely Northwest experiences in West Seattle.

The Junction strongly believes in the continued community benefit provided to the West Seattle residents.  We believe the West Seattle Junction is the core of West Seattle where neighbors come together to meet which promotes community openness and a sense of place. The wellbeing of West Seattle will continue through the ease of parking close to the very heart of our community through a new and modern version of history.

West Seattle is represented as a whole by the West Seattle Junction Association (WSJA), a non-profit 501(c)(3). The mission of the WSJA is to develop, encourage, promote, and participate in activities that enhance a healthy economic, social, and physical environment for the West Seattle Junction community and those who visit. Junction businesses, from specialty shops to small retail chains, are supported broadly in their outreach efforts to attract shoppers for recreational, dining, and retail needs. Community members also benefit from WSJA programs that promote safety and maintenance of the area, beautification, engagement opportunities, and public events.

Parking FAQ’s

What is the cost to park in the former ‘free’ parking lots? The Junction understands that transitioning from 100% merchant funded parking to paid parking is a big change, so we’ve set the rates far below market value.

0 – 2 HRS $2.00

2 – 3  HRS $4.00

3 – 4  HRS $6.00

4 – 10 HRS $10.00

Plus taxes+CC fees

Will there be parking for under an hour? Because the 0-2 HR rate is so low, there isn’t an option to pay for less than 2 HRS.

Pay to Park App

How do I pay? There are three ways to pay.

Mobile Payment via the CalltoPark app

Call in Payment via the CalltoPark app

On-site at the payment kiosks located in each parking lot

Do you take credit cards? Yes! All kiosks take credit cards

Will there be Early Bird Parking? Update: The Junction and Diamond parking will assess that in Q2 of 2021.

Can I add more time? Yes. Via the mobile payment app, you can add more time. You can call in to add more time. You can add time at the kiosks.

Is there an evening rate? Yes. The rate is $4.00 from 5 PM to 8 AM.

What is the cost of an overtime ticket? Consistent with other paid lots in the city, the cost is $49.00.

Will Diamond tow vehicles with multiple tickets? Yes.

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Will there be free overnight parking? No. The Junction lots are reserved for customers who are dining and shopping or using other services in the Junction. Parking is charged year-round, 24 hrs a day, 7 days per week. Apartment residents should talk to their leasing managers regarding parking for their vehicles.

Is there monthly parking? Yes. Contact the Junction for more information.

Is there 15-minute parking? Not at the parking lots, but there is 12 15 minute parking spots on California Ave for both retail and restaurants.

Will there be a grace period? Yes. If you go over time, you will receive a warning from January 15th-22nd.

Are parking fees charged on ADA stalls? Constant with the paid lots in the city, you will need to pay on the ADA stalls.

How many parking spaces are available? There are 268 parking spaces in the Junction lots. Data from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) 2018 survey.

How many parking spaces are available throughout the Junction? There are 720 free and paid parking spaces within the Junction district. These include the Junction parking lots, free street parking, free parking under many of the apartment buildings with retail (QFC/Whole Foods), in Jefferson Square (free and paid), free parking behind some businesses, and paid Diamond parking lots.

Three Easy Steps to Pay


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