Monday Night Fried Chicken Dinner Returns to Spring Hill!

Spring Hill received such a flattering amount of requests to bring back Monday Night Fried Chicken Dinner, that it returns Monday, December 5th! However, it is now Fried Chicken Dinner Hawaiian-style – ma’ono. Monday night pop-up will serve Spring Hill’s fried chicken with the choice of 4 different preparations; original, Korean, Japanese or Chinese. Included in the dinner, SPAM musubi, won bok kimchi, cucumber namasu (lightly pickled cucumber with ogo seaweed), macaroni salad and steamed white rice. The cost of the dinner is $98.00 for 4 people and $49.00 for 2 people (tax and gratuity not included). There will also be an a’ la carte section on the menu that will offer wood grilled items that include kabli short ribs and Portuguese sausage, as well as, fried rice, stir-fried komatsuna and mocha ice cream. *Reservations are required and will be available by contacting Spring Hill at 206.935.1075 or visiting their website.]]>

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