Mary Enslow of Twilight Artist Collective

[/caption] How many years have you been in business? We are going on 3 years in West Seattle now and have been in business with Twilight Artist Collective for 6 years. We originally started out in the Pike Place Market. Who are your customers? Our customers have come to us by word of mouth. It’s all very organic. We’ve never done a lot of marketing, once they come in, they comment on the store, how great our old location in Pike Place Market, etc. Then they become repeat customers! Tell me something about your business that I might not have known? We feature mostly NW artists, but also have a handful of artists from all over. We have artwork that is wearable art as well as artwork on the walls. We carry a lot of crossover art – everything from bags to jewelry to craft and fine art. Who is your role model? My Dad is my role model. He has gong through everything in life with a positive attitude. He is a kind person and he inspires me. He always looks ahead. He is an entrepreneur. He wasn’t always successful, but he isn’t afraid to take risks. He enabled me to get started in Twilight and always supported my crazy decisions! [caption id="attachment_4640" align="alignright" width="214" caption="Photo: Donna Ryan Photography"][/caption] What are the challenges of owning an independent business? Sustainability. Clearly people enjoy what we have but the challenge is getting people over the hump of understanding the value of investing in art. The power of art is about quality vs. affordability. Helping people understand the difference between shopping at cheap department stores vs. local, independent stores is rewarding. We help make art accessible and give people an introduction to what art is. What do you enjoy in your free time? I love to explore. I like being spontaneous and not making plans. I like to get lost and be accessible to the moment I’m in. I enjoy meeting new people. What other Junction shops do you like to patron? I like West 5 and Easy Street a lot! What sort of music do you listen to? I listen to Indie rock, bluegrass, true country – like Willie Nelson. To learn more about Twilight Artist Collective and meet Mary’s business partners, visit their website:]]>

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