Love at First Fright Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for that perfect Halloween costume? Try stopping by one of the many great Thrift stores The Junction has to offer:

Antique Mall of West Seattle Discovery Shop (American Cancer Society Thrift Store) Funky Janes Consignment Many Moons Trading Co. Stop & Shop (WS Senior Center Thrift Store) Wild Rose’s

Need some inspiration and ideas? Try finding a uniform for a costume: military, doctor, flight attendant or cheerleader. How about a 1920’s Flapper or Gangster? Try a 1950’s greaser (think Elvis and James Dean), 1970’s Disco or Hippie or bring it back to the 1980’s with a big hair rocker! Pirate, princess, bride, super hero, etc. So many choices…so little time! Happy Halloween shopping! Check out this great Halloween costume link for more costume ideas and how to’s.    ]]>

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