Join the Biggest Party of the Year

Summer Fest 2017

Busk at Art Walk & Summer Fest, 2017

Summer Fest Dates and Times: Thursday, July 13th 6pm – 9pm (Summer Fest Eve/Art Walk night) Friday, July 14th 11am – 6pm Saturday, July 15th 11am – 6pm Sunday, July 16th 10am – 5pm   The organizers at Summer Fest invite you to join one of Seattle’s most vibrant street parties of the year. Buskers of many types perform at Art Walk and Summer Fest each year. We welcome performances with instruments and tools ranging from acoustic instruments, performance art, odd instruments, puppets, bubbles to magicians. Buskers enrich the already busy streets at the festival by adding to the overall festive feeling. During Art Walk (July 13th) you may set up on the street between SW Oregon and Edmunds between the hours of 6pm to 9pm for 90 minutes at a time.  You may place a tip jar on the street. There is no information booth manager at Art Walk. There are two locations at Summer Fest (July 14th-16th) where performers can entertain the crowds for 90 minutes at a time. Due to the crowds, amplified music is not permitted. All Summer Fest performers are required to wear a performer’s name tag and log into the official busker book. You may place a tip jar on the street. To perform at Summer Fest, visit the information booth manager who is located at the info booth. You’ll find the info booth at the cross section of the “All Walk” at California Ave and SW Alaska St. Busker spots are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Any busker who plays outside of the designated spots or performs outside of the rules will be removed by festival staff. For questions, please email the festival at info [at] wsjunction [dot] org]]>

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