Herbal Support for Valentines Day


Join the Community Acupuncture Project of West Sea this Friday (02/15), for a fun, herbal, Valentine’s Day themed class addressing anxiety and depression. In Honor of CAP’s 10 year anniversary, we are hosting an herb talk by Adiantum School of Plant Medicine!

Ten Herbs for Depression and Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Both? This class is for you! This topic is near and dear to our hearts, and we are excited to team with Natalie Hammerquist who will share her experiences and knowledge about ten plant allies to help you through the hard times.

For each herb, we’ll learn: – specific indications for when to use it – preparations and dosage – safety – where to get it – whether you can harvest or grow it yourself

Here’s our list: 1. Albizia 2. Lemon Balm 3. Skullcap 4. St John’s Wort 5. Linden 6. Hawthorn 7. Bleeding heart 8. passionflower 9. Tulsi  10. Ashwagandha

This class is designed to expand your knowledge of individual herbs, so you can expand your home apothecary and use it with confidence.

Bring a notebook, come with questions, and be ready to learn. Natalie is a fast-paced teacher, and she likes to cover as much as possible in the time.

WHEN: Friday, February 15th, 5-7pm LOCATION: Community Acupuncture Project, 4545 44th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 COST: $30 TEACHER: Natalie Hammerquist of Adiantum School DETAILS: Space is limited to reserve your spot in advance! https://herbalmedicineclass.brownpapertickets.com/

DIRECTIONS: http://www.acupunctureforall.org/


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