Dr. Catherine Orsi Relocates to Jefferson Square!

Dr. Catherine Orsi, ND, LMP of Westside Natural Medicine, is excited to announce the relocation of her office! Still in The Junction, she is sharing office space with NW Psychiatry and Wellness on the 4th floor of the Jefferson Square Office Building. Dr Orsi, now in her 7th year of Naturopathic Practice in The Junction, provides people with natural alternatives to restore and maintain optimal health. She also provides manual therapy services such as massage and craniosacral therapy. You can contact Dr. Orsi for more information about her practice at 206.938.9355. Dr. Orsi also works at Pharmaca, The Junction’s Integrated Pharmacy that provides both conventional and natural medicines. You can stop by on Friday mornings to meet Dr. Orsi and find out more about the options that Pharmaca has to offer. To maintain health and wellness, Dr. Orsi believes it is important to go back to the basics using the healing force of nature.  Healthy diet, hydration, exercise and life balance are all cornerstone of optimal health. Strive for balance including social, recreational and physical movement activities in your life on a regular basis. Here are some tips: *Drinking plenty of water is essential for healthy function of all body systems. It is best to carry a stainless steel or glass container and sip water throughout the day. To help with digestion drink little or no water with your meals and also avoid chugging large amounts just before bedtime so that you can sleep through the night without getting up. *For good sleep drink relaxing herbal tea blends, sip hot or cold during the day. Along with exercise and only a light protein stack in the late evening, this helps to promote restful sleep. *A little caffeine early in the day is usually not a problem for most people, but best to avoid caffeine in the afternoon or evening as it metabolizes for many hours after and can interfere with sleep. Remember all sources of caffeine include: coffee, tea (black, green, white), chocolate, pop, some energy bars and drinks, and some over the counter pain relievers. Dr. Orsi recommends drinking sparkling water with a little juice for flavor instead of soda pop since it is a health depleting beverage. If you mention seeing the WSJA Blog post, Dr. Catherine Orsi is offering $20 off to first time clients making an appointment for naturopathic or massage services through February 14, 2011.]]>

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