A Ton of Chocolate at Bakery Nouveau!


Yes folks, a metric ton of chocolate (2,200 lbs) was delivered to Bakery Nouveau a couple of weeks ago! That’s 4 ft by 3.5 ft and a bit over 5 ft tall! And just in time for making all sorts of delicious chocolate treats…

[caption id="attachment_1283" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Photo courtesy Donna Ryan Photography"]Photo courtesy Donna Ryan Photography[/caption]

Good Friday and Easter are nearly here! The candy and confections at Bakery Nouveau will appeal to the chocolate lovers of any age. They have solid Easter Bunnies in both dark and milk chocolate, as well as a selection of hollow eggs filled with hand crafted confections. You can also pick up traditional hot cross buns to have with your morning coffee. Mmmm. Whatever your fancy, Bakery Nouveau is sure to have something spectacular for all!

Check out their Blog: Bakery Nouveau Blog


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