Recycle those Batteries!

Ever have those used batteries hanging out at your place and you don’t know what to do with them? You know you’re not supposed to throw them in the garbage and think to yourself, “I’ll get that recycled somewhere.” And we just never got around to it?

Well now is the time to get rid of those used batteries. Seattle Public Library and Call2Recycle have come together to make our city greener. There will be battery collection boxes at 6 libraries around the city including the Admiral branch. This will be a “competition” on which library/neighborhood collects the most batteries. So from June 22nd to the 26th you can drop off your used batteries at the Admiral branch. Two days after collection period ends, Call2Recyle will weigh the collected batteries and announce which neighborhood is Seattle’s Greenest Neighborhood.

Call2Recycle will accept all types of household batteries (weighing up to 11 pounds each), including both single-use batteries and rechargeable batteries commonly found in laptops and digital cameras. Obsolete cellphones can also be dropped off for recycling.

For more info visit Call2Recycle’s website.