West Seattle .5k – Saturday, June 15th – In the Junction

The event is SOLD OUT!



It’s the first ever West Seattle .5k. The West Seattle .5k is a beer run in the West Seattle Junction designed to push you to the limits of physical human endurance. (jk)

The .5k IS guaranteed to provide almost zero exercise but you’ll instead taste some of the best beers from the Pacific Northwest. At each hydration station, located  in some of your favorite West Seattle bars, you’ll enjoy robust tastings from 10 different beers along with snacks, beer trivia questions and prizes. This is the race for physical underachievers who have wanted to do a run, but really didn’t want to.

About the ‘run’:

Take in neighborhood views around the Junction as you lay down 880 yards (.5k) of pure physical determination.  This route is run on the wide pavement around the Junction, minimal elevation (zero) with two pedestrian crossings on California Ave.  You’ll stop at set hydration stations (inside bars) powering up electrolytes (beer) while carbing up (snacks) for the next grueling (not) leg of the run (next bar).  The course is not timed, and walkers, runners and beer-lovers of all abilities are welcome.

Packet pick up in the hallway of The Beer Junction starts at 12 Noon on race day. Start time is 1 PM – the race ends at 5 PM. Race is limited to 220 participants.

You can register as an individual or as a team.

The .5k too much for you? No worries – you can donate straight from your couch! Join the Beer Drinkers Couch Fundraiser here, you’ll help raise funds for the Junction without actually moving. It’s a win-win! All donations support free community programming and events in the Junction.

Donate $10.00 to $20.00 and we’ll send you a .5k sticker.

Donate $20.01 or over and we’ll send you a .5k mason jar AND a .5k sticker.

Included with run registration is a custom West Seattle .5k mason jar (for your beer), technical t-shirt, .5k finisher sticker and (most important) 10 beer tasting tickets good for 10 4oz pours.


Enjoy beers at:

Elliott Bay Brewing Company
The Beer Junction
Matador Restaurants
Great American Diner & Bar
Talaricos Pizzeria
West 5

Each participant receives a:
0.5k t-shirt
West Seattle 0.5k beer mason jar
10 beer tasting tickets
A 0.5k “finisher” sticker to proudly display
Bragging rights you crushed the 0.5k

$45.00 The event is SOLD OUT!

Register in advance now! Taking pre-registration or register day of the event.

21 +

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Volunteer at the .5k here.

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Spring Clean in the Junction

3rd Annual Spring Clean in the Junction
Saturday, April 27th, 2019

9 AM to 12 Noon

Meet at Junction Plaza Park

Join the Facebook Invite here.

Spring clean in the Junction. Join fellow neighbors and businesses for the 3rd Annual West Seattle Junction Spring Clean Saturday, April 27th 9am to 12 Noon. The Junction will supply breakfast, coffee, cleaning supplies and a nifty volunteer lunch tote.

Activities include picking up litter, stenciling storm drains to prevent water pollution, painting out graffiti, removing invasive plants, and more. Seattle Public Utilities and the Junction Association supports volunteers by providing free tools like garbage bags, gloves, garbage grabbers, safety vests, and paint supplies.

Grab a group of people! It’s a perfect time for organizations, businesses or groups to work together on a volunteer project.

There’s something for everyone, kids included! Meet at Junction Plaza Park (42nd and Alaska St). No pre-registration necessary, just show up and be ready to dig in.

Want to learn more about the Junction volunteer opportunities? See how your neighbors and friends support the Junction, have fun and meet new people. Check out the volunteer web page.


Pictures from the 2018 Spring Clean in the Junction.

Photos by: DerbyPhotography   www.karenderby.com

West Seattle Junction Visitor Survey

West Seattle Junction Visitor Survey

This survey of 2105 area residents/shoppers took place between March 1 and March 11, 2019.  The questions were designed by 501 Commons consultants in partnership the West Seattle Junction Association (WSJA.)

The survey was administered through the West Seattle Blog, West Seattle Herald, the Junction newsletters, and multiple social media channels.

Respondent Profile

The majority of the respondents:

  • Have lived in the area for over 10 years:
    • 26% between 10.5 and 20 years, and
    • 31% over 20 years (see Figure 1).


  • Visit WSJ at varying frequencies:
  • 29% visit only 1-5 times a month;
  • 34% 6-10 times;
  • 25% 11-20 times (Figure 2.)

It is Important to remember  that this profile doesn’t  necessarily match all West Seattle residents; those that took the time to complete the survey are probably more apt to visit the Junction and be interested in it.


Figure 1: Years lived in the Area          Figure 2: Usual Number of Visits per Month









Main Reason for Visit

When asked to choose from a list of main reason to visit the Junction:

  • “The atmosphere / friendliness / small town feel” (30%) and “It’s close by / on the way” were the main reasons.
  • Of the listed reasons, “Free parking” was the option least often chosen (10%).
  • Many of those that chose “other” explained that they visited for several reasons.



Those that mentioned “free parking” in this question were slightly more likely to have lived in the area over 20 years than the average participant (31%).  However, they did not differ from the average in how often they visited the junction.


Prompted Response to Potential Loss of Parking


When asked directly later in the survey how much they agreed with the statement “I would not come to the Junction without free parking”:

  • 43% agreed, but only 18% agreed strongly (see “total” column in Figure 4.)
  • Another 26% of all respondents were not sure.
  • Those who visit over 20 times a month were most likely to disagree (46%). The plurality of all others were unsure.

Additionally, of the 1,219 open-ended responses, 127 people (10%) noted that the current lack of parking availability affects their propensity to visit the junction.


Figure 4:  Prompted Response to Potential Loss of Parking, by Number of Monthly Visits

Underlying Attitudes About the Junction

Respondents also shared to what degree they agreed with other attitudes about West Seattle Junction (see Figure 5.) There was overwhelming support for statements that spoke to WSJ’s atmosphere, as opposed to Mall options:

  • 90% agreed that “Malls are too impersonal; I love the feel of the Junction”- 60% agreed strongly.
  • 88% agreed with “The Junction feels like home” – 48% agreed strongly.

Additionally, of the open-ended responses, 217 people (18%) noted how much they value local businesses over national chains. And 117 people (10%) cited the diversity of businesses as one of their main reasons for coming.

However, there are some negative attitudes to keep in mind:

  • Almost half of respondents (46%) agreed that “The Junction is getting too over built,” but few (8%) strongly
  • Three-quarters (75%) agreed that, “I come to the Junction only for quick errands,” although only 13% strongly


It is impossible to predict behavior with a survey; respondents cannot accurately predict what they may do if WSJ cuts back on free parking. There are clearly strong feelings about the issue, and the association and businesses will need to prepare for angry reactions if parking is reduced. Many respondents added comments that they currently avoid the area due to lack of parking spaces and that paid spots could make it more accessible.

On the other hand, there is also a great deal of support and warm feelings toward the Junction, including appreciation for the small size and diversity of businesses in the area. Marketing messages for the Junction can also take advantage of the clear convenience and favorable atmosphere.



A number of people made recommendations around the parking situation in their open-ended responses. Below are some verbatims that were worth highlighting.

Do it in steps

“If you must go with a parking zone, do it in steps — test period perhaps — to collect feedback, fine tune.  I hear a “free zone” around businesses is being considered, that’s smart.  Who is causing the issue–those who “live in the Junction” but don’t have parking spots because the city didn’t force developers to provide?  Thus, pushing those cars to neighboring areas…I wonder.”

Have a shuttle

“We need a local “shoppers shuttle” that just loops West Seattle available in lieu of the regular Metro routes. It may help with congestion on the 55, 50, 128 and C Line. Shoppers, students and commuters wouldn’t have to struggle, or scuffle for seats during peak travel conditions. It could run from Alki to Westwood, hitting The Alaska and Morgan Junctions in between.”

Monthly permits

“I shop for groceries, hardware, gifts, housewares, art supplies, eat out, get coffee, treats, drop mail, use legal, financial and medical services in the junction – and greater WS area. It’s routine. I usually can find parking in lots or street, although I find myself timing trips sometimes for “non peak” times, if I can.

I like the junction, I make an effort to “shop local” (haven’t been to a “mall’ in years). But, truthfully, the free parking is important and part of the character of the business district. It’s a hassle to feed parking lot pay stations, but if the lots do go to pay stations, maybe a local residence of greater West Seattle could be eligible to by a “Monthly Junction Parking Permit” – for the lots. Monthly use. For a fixed fee. Still keep the lots limited time, whatever it is now. Except maybe longer in evenings.  (I actually don’t know the limits because it’s ever been an issue for me). The Monthly permits could be like a Park Pass, a ferry pass, a bus pass. Just an idea.

I would pay for knowing I have the convenience of parking here and there as I go for the number of times I use the junction. (as opposed to the lots turning to only pay stations which I may never use or shift some of my shopping habits away from the junction). So, monthly pass – 8 x $2.5 = $20/mo. maybe.”

Need more handicap spots

“The reasons I don’t frequent the junction anymore are parking is annoying. To difficult for a quick trip when I can just go to Burien and easily park. The other is handicapped accessibility. Parking isn’t easy to find, sidewalks make maneuvering wheelchairs difficult and stores aren’t very accessible either. Not enough room for a wheelchair or scooter. The people who have supported the junction for many years are no longer able to shop there because it can be scary trying to maneuver through when you have disabilities. My mom is no longer comfortable going there even though she has been shopping there most of her life! Even when there wasn’t much to go to.”

Block Parties

“I’ve filled out the survey previously- so did not answer all questions this time. But wanted to add a suggestion that I’ve always hoped would happen at the junction. I grew up in a town where every Thursday night, during warm months, the main street was closed down, restaurants brought tables and chairs outside (similar to summer fest) and did “dining under the stars”. It would be so awesome if we could do this, even once a month, on the same block as the farmers market, during June, July, August, maybe September. So great for that small town feel.”

10-15 minute spots

“We love the junction, love the free parking but we need more of it given we’ve grown so much.  It might be useful to have some 10-15 minute shops for takeout pickup. I would love to see more grab and go breakfast places, weekend brunch places and takeout places.  I don’t get some of the shops in the junction, they seem a bit dated.  I also find it odd with the number of real estate offices we have.”

Word Cloud

This word cloud is based on all open-ended responses. The bigger the word, the more it was mentioned.

Seattle Department of Transportation 2017 Intercept Study

Seattle Department of Transportation PDF Intercept Survey

Spring Wine Walk in the Junction

Friday, May 17th

5pm to 9pm

In the West Seattle Junction


Tickets $25 advance or $35 includes a 6-bottle insulated wine carrier. Tickets are sold out for the May Wine Walk.

Limited $30 day of event. <– Event sells out!

The West Seattle Wine Walk celebrates wine with this vibrant and fun event. Located in the heart of West Seattle, the Wine Walk provides you with the opportunity to meet the boutique wineries around the Pacific Northwest.

Housed in some of West Seattle’s favorite merchants, you’ll enjoy tastings from 15 different wineries, each showcasing a unique variety of wines.

Bottles of wine and additional individual wine tasting tickets will available to ticket holders. You can drop off bottles of wine at the valet located at Capers. Additional Wine Walk tasting tickets will be available at Capers for $1.00 per ticket. Only ticket-holding attendees can purchase additional tasting tickets.

Ten tasting tickets, light snacks, complete with a West Seattle Junction Wine Walk glass.

Find delicious wines from:

Bakery NouveauAluel Cellars
Menashe JewelersChatter Creek Winery
Funky JanesDrum Roll Wine
Wild RosesGlacier Peak Winery
John L. ScottLawrelin Wine Cellars
VAINWelcome Road Winery
West Seattle VerizonLove That Red Winery
WindermereMarcus Sophia Winery
CapersMichael Florentino
Lika LoveNaches Heights Vineyard/NHV
FleurtPatterson Cellars
ZamboangaRed Earth Wines/The Wine Hunter
Click!Structure Cellars Winery
Jan's Beauty SupplyT2 Cellar
Carmilia'sTreveri Cellars
WindermereDucleaux Cellars

Purchase tickets online or at Capers located at 4525 California Ave SW in the heart of the Junction.


Thank you to the Wine Walk Partners:

Questions for the Junction Association? Email us here.

Find out more here how to volunteer with the Junction.



Herbal Support for Valentines Day

Join the Community Acupuncture Project of West Sea this Friday (02/15), for a fun, herbal, Valentine’s Day themed class addressing anxiety and depression. In Honor of CAP’s 10 year anniversary, we are hosting an herb talk by Adiantum School of Plant Medicine!

Ten Herbs for Depression and Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Both? This class is for you! This topic is near and dear to our hearts, and we are excited to team with Natalie Hammerquist who will share her experiences and knowledge about ten plant allies to help you through the hard times.

For each herb, we’ll learn:
– specific indications for when to use it
– preparations and dosage
– safety
– where to get it
– whether you can harvest or grow it yourself

Here’s our list:
1. Albizia
2. Lemon Balm
3. Skullcap
4. St John’s Wort
5. Linden
6. Hawthorn
7. Bleeding heart
8. passionflower
9. Tulsi 
10. Ashwagandha

This class is designed to expand your knowledge of individual herbs, so you can expand your home apothecary and use it with confidence.

Bring a notebook, come with questions, and be ready to learn. Natalie is a fast-paced teacher, and she likes to cover as much as possible in the time.

WHEN: Friday, February 15th, 5-7pm
LOCATION: Community Acupuncture Project, 4545 44th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
COST: $30
TEACHER: Natalie Hammerquist of Adiantum School
DETAILS: Space is limited to reserve your spot in advance! herbalmedicineclass.brownpapertickets.com/

DIRECTIONS: www.acupunctureforall.org/


Passport to Love During the February 14th Art Walk

Art Walk is always more than Art exhibits — it’s Happy Hour specials, meal deals and unique experiences. And in February, the Valentines Day Art Walk also means Prizes!

For the first time, the Art Walk will feature a special “Passport to Love” for art lovers to use to see great art and win local prizes.

How do I play? 

Visit at least five (5) participating Art Walk businesses in the Alaska Junction, North and South West Seattle on the February 14 Art Walk, and get a sticker from each:

  • 1 bar or restaurant (no purchase necessary)
  • 1 North or South business hosting artists
  • And at least 3 other businesses hosting artists

Fill up your card with stickers and fill in your contact info.

Walking Map 2019 Q1 (back) UPDATED v1 (1)
Valentines Day Art Walk Walking Map

How do I enter to win prizes?

Drop your completed Passport to Love in one of our special dropboxes at these Art Walk businesses:

To be entered to win, drop your passport either the night of Art Walk, or before Saturday, February 16, 3pm, to be eligible for the drawing on Monday, February 18. Winners will be notified by the contact information provided.

What are the prizes?

Our local West Seattle businesses have donated fabulous prizes, currently valued at over $700! We will update this hot sheet as more donations are received — check back often before Valentines Day. Big thanks to our generous donors for their support of the arts!

Passport to Love 2019 Hot Sheet

How do I get a Passport to Love?

Fine Print

  • The Passport to Love is only valid on the evening of Art Walk, February 14
  • No purchase is necessary to receive a sticker, even at the restaurants or bars. Just say hello and say you are here for the Passport to Love!
  • One Passport to Love per person, no age restrictions.
  • Passports must be in the dropboxes no later than 3pm, Saturday, February 16.
  • The West Seattle Junction Association will not use your name or contact information for marketing purposes.

Hello 2019 and Happy New Year!

There’s no place like home for New Years. Home, as in the heart of West Seattle. The Junction has the perfect set up for a nice dinner out on “the town” then followed by door-to-door drink options. Think of it as a New Year’s Eve in downtown (and hometown), with more local choices and all kinds of ways to celebrate the New Year. When you clink glasses in the Junction at midnight you’ll know  you’ve got a great NYE on the books.

The Alley A Swanky Gold Party

Corner Pocket Pool and general underground happenings.

Great American Diner  Live music with the Flashbacks (Beatles cover songs) starting at 8 PM!

JaKs  Open at 4:00 (30 minutes earlier than usual). Monday Prime Rib dinner and also a Surf and Turf special that includes steak and lobster! (they close at 10 PM).

Maharaja Go to the back bar and plan to stay a while.

Matador  Complimentary champagne toast at midnight and the robust happy hour menu from 10pm-1am.


Poggie Tavern Live Music with Way Too Loose

Shadowland Fancy cocktails and a Complimentary Midnight Champagne toast!

Supreme Bar Just being the usual Supreme self.

Talaricos Holiday cocktails and big slices.

The Lodge Lots of local beers on tap, so raise a glass for NYE!

West 5 Chill vibes, Mai Tais and a Champagne toast at Midnight!

Cheers to a great New Year in 2019 and a great time close to home with friends and family!

Remember to please drink responsibly. Always have a designated driver or call an Uber or Lyft. Metro is offering free bus services again this year. 

Junction Red Box Red Fundraising



Thank you for raising a pint to raise funds for the merchant parking. The Red Box Red is sold out!   

Raise a glass and raise funds for the Junction with a pint of Red Box Red imperial class wintertime beer. Brewed locally by Elliott Bay Brewing Company, this robust brew will chase away any winter chills.

“Red Box Red” was brewed to help the fundraising efforts of our community 3 hour free parking lots in the Junction Area (a large property tax increase now threatens the future of the lots). $2 of each pint sold will go directly to the West Seattle Junction Association (the merchants of the Junction), who 100% fund the lots.

The many ways to help the Junction raise funds:

1. Raise a glass!

2. Put cash in the Red Box parking boxes located in the 42nd and 44th Ave parking lots

3. Visit the 15 retail locations who have Red Boxes

4. TEXT 44-321 TO WSPARK to pay by credit card

5. Donate via the secure Network for Good link


Red Box Red

This fund-raising imperial class wintertime beer exhibits a deep copper color with sweet caramel malt notes and pleasant floral, piney, and grapefruit hop highlights.

ABV = 7.1%


You can find Red Box Red at The Beer Junction, West 5, Talaricos and at Shadowland


Want to donate at our retail donation boxes? Find them at:

Thank you for raising funds to support community parking. Over the holidays you raised $1,172 to help support merchant-funded parking! Watch for Round Up for the Junction!

Hotwire Coffee
Pegasus Book Exchange
Verizon West Seattle
Northwest Art & Frame
Next to Nature
Jan’s Beauty Supply
Stop n’ Shop
Emerald Water Anglers
Husky Deli
8 Limbs Yoga Centers
Thunder Road Guitars
Wild Rose’s


Why Are You Raising Funds?

Since the mid-50’s the Junction merchants have supported FREE parking. Now, due to increased property values on the parking lots we’re in danger of losing parking completely.

Can’t You Just Charge for Parking?

Unfortunately no. The landlords currently will not allow us to charge for parking. If we could, we could charge a nominal $2 an hour which would help!

Is the Junction a Nonprofit?

Yes! The Junction is a registered 501 (c) (3) EIN 91-1403639

Want to start your OWN fundraiser? Community groups and businesses can!

See what’s in the SOL Fundraiser Kit.

If you would like to donate online, please use the secure Network for Good button.

We want to thank Nick Bers Design for the SOL Save our Lots Design. You can find him on his website and on Instagram



Shop Late Thursdays


Join the Junction Merchants for Shop Late Thursdays. All through the month of December, many of our stores will be open later hours for you to enjoy an evening in the Junction.

Make it a date to shop late in the Junction. Thursdays: December 6th, 13th and 20th.

On Thursday, December 6th  The Silver Belles, eight ladies dancing and singing a cappella will be in the Junction! Bringing you non-traditional holiday entertainment in the Pacific Northwest. Find them in the Junction from 6pm to 8pm.

On Thursday, December 13th (Art Walk) we’ll have Santa in the Junction from 5pm to 8pm. He’ll be bringing lots of holiday cheer and will have plenty of time to listen to girls and boys wishes. Bring your camera for some DIY photos. Also on Thursday, we’ll be hosting The Silver Belles, eight ladies dancing and singing a cappella! Bringing you non-traditional holiday entertainment in the Pacific Northwest. Find them in the Junction from 6pm to 8pm.

We’ll be updating you on participating stores and specials, so come back to see what we’ve listed. Join the Facebook invite here, share with friends too!

Capers HOME – Featuring a truckload of vintage furniture for the Shop Late Thursday, and a whole new collection of ornaments for decorating the tree.

Carmilia’s – Lot’s of different savings throughout the month:

Thursday, December 6th – 20% off Kai and Wildflower

Thursday, December 13th – 20% off pajamas

Thursday, December 20th – 20% off Michael Stars

Click! Design That Fits – Open and offers during Shop Late Thursdays:

Thursday, December 6th open until 8 PM with a Naked Truth Beauty pop up

Thursday, December 13th open until 9 PM with meet the makers pop-up from Chikahisa and  Steel Toe Studio

Thursday, December 20th open until 9 PM



Curious Kidstuff – Open late all three Shop Late Thursdays until 8PM.

Easy Street Records – Open until 10 PM on Shop Late Thursdays.

Fleurt – Open until 7 PM. December 6th is a Sip and Shop event – wine, snacks and lucky door prizes. On December 13th and 20th open till 7 PM or even later! On December 13th, purchase of $150 customer and receive a free Mini potted poinsettia. They are too cute!!!!!! Plus light snacks and drinks.


Funky Jane’s – Open until 8 PM on Thursdays. We will offer this week 30% off Holiday ware on December 6th.

Hotwire Coffee – Open Late on Art Walk night! Check out the selection of gift baskets and shop the Deck the Walls art show.

Husky Deli – Open Shop Late Thursdays until 9 PM.

Lika Love – Open Shop Late Thursdays 7 PM. Thursday, December 13th: Buy two or more scarves and receive a free beanie.

Menashe’s Jewelers – December 13th open till 7 PM and on December 20th open till 7:30 PM.

Northwest Art and Frame – Open all Shop Late Thursdays until 9 PM.

Pegasus Book Exchange – Open to 6 PM

Virago Gallery – December 13th and 20th open until 9pm

Astor+Orion Pop Up

December 13th 5 to 9pm

Allison Bartline Pop-up! FROM PDX!

December 20th 5 to 9pm

West Seattle/Bellevue Rare Coins – Open late until 7:00 PM on Dec. 13th & 20th.

Wild Rose’s – Open late on Shop Late Thursday, come see the selection of gifts.

Zamboanga – Open until 7 PM on December 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th (Shop Late Thursday) , 21st and 22nd.



Hometown Holidays in the Junction

Hometown Holidays

Hometown Holidays in the Junction

They say it’s better to give than to receive. But choose to give local this holiday season, and you’ll receive even more.

Come to the Holiday Night Market on Saturday, December 1st 3 PM to 7 PM on Alaska Street, where you’ll find local handmade goods from over 40 local artisans. Get your picture with Santa too! Watch for Santa 4 PM to 7 PM in the Holiday Night Market Santa House. Make an ornament to hang on the tree to show holiday spirit the entire community can enjoy! Held in Junction Plaza Park at 42nd and Alaska during the Holiday Night Market we present a full music and entertainment line-up, with the finale – the tree lighting.

Entertainment by:

4:00 PM Mode Music Studios
4:30 PM The Not Its
5:15 PM Endolyne Children’s Choir
5:45 PM School of Rock West Seattle

6PM Santa and Jack Menashe Lights the Tree!

Share the love, join the Facebook invite here.

At 6pm, The Junction presents the 15th Annual Tree Lighting Event. It’s a community event for family, friends and neighbors.


All during the month of December the Junction has tons to unique shopping and holiday events. Shopping local sparks the magic of true hometown holiday spirit. What’s more, The Junction has so much in store for everyone. Experience the magic of the season with a full array of holiday inspired events.

Schedule of Events:

Friday, November 16th Menashe and Sons Jewelers annual neighborhood holiday party 6 PM. Everyone invited!

Saturday, November 17th Junction True Value Open House 10 AM to 2 PM. CAPERS Holiday Preview 10 AM to 6 PM. Northwest Art and Frame Holiday Open House 10 AM to 5:30 PM.

Friday, November 23rd Lika Love will be opening Black Friday from 10 am – 8 pm. They will be offering door busters, $28, $38 and $48 items!! Shop small Saturday at Lika Love too, they are giving a gift to the first 10 people and cyber Monday they are doing a flash sale!! ❤️❤️

Saturday, November 24th Small Business Saturday Shop brick-and-mortar businesses as part of a national event to support small and local stores. Rally behind West Seattle’s independent retailers with your holiday spending dollars.

Friday, November 30th Husky Deli Open House in the evening.

Through December Shop straight from the Walls at the annual Deck the Walls at Hotwire Coffee. All art under $100.

Saturdays, December 1st – 22nd CAPERS Santa Mornings.

Saturday, December 1st Santa PAWS at Windermere in the Junction 10 AM to 1 PM

Saturday, December 1st Holiday Night Market on SW Alaska St 3 PM to 7 PM, AND:

Saturday, December 1st Music Performances by The Not Its, School of Rock, Mode Music Studios, and Endolyne Childrens Choir with the tree lighting at 6 PM, AND:

Saturday, December 1st Gingerbread House decorating at West Seattle Christian 6pm to 8pm, AND:

Saturday, December 1st Join Easy Street Records for the official @karenmasonblair photography show – opening reception. She will have crates of goodies for sale and will be unveiling a special never seen before Chris Cornell photograph 📸,  – See you there 4 PM – 8 PM!

Thursday, December 6th Late Night Shopping in the Junction until 9 PM. Catch The Silver Belles from 6 PM to 8 PM as they stroll and sing around the Junction bringing holiday smiles and cheer.

Friday, December 7th Jan’s Beauty Supply save 20% off Moroccan oil, Living Proof and appliances. Enjoy wine, meat & cheese trays, chocolates and other treats!

Saturday, December 8th John L Scott is having their Annual Santa Pictures with Pets and Free Pancake Breakfast from 9 am-12 Noon.

Sunday, December 9th Santa Bus at the Farmers Market leaving from the south end of SW Alaska and California Ave 10 AM to 2 PM. Hosted by Quail Park. Meet Santa on the bus for a festive ride around town.

Sunday, December 9th Wrap It Up! Gift wrapping by Furry Faces Foundation at Northwest Art and Frame  11 AM – 3 PM.

Tuesday, December 11th Cheese and Wine Pairing Class at bin 41. Contact bin 41 for ticket information.

Thursday, December 13th Holiday Art Walk with special appearances by Santa 6 PM to 9 PM. Plus, Late Night Shopping in the Junction until 9 PM. Catch The Silver Belles from 6 PM to 8 PM as they stroll and sing around the Junction bringing holiday smiles and cheer.

Friday, December 14th Jan’s Beauty Supply save 20% off Amika, Deva Curl and jewelry. Enjoy wine, meat & cheese trays, chocolates and other treats!

Friday, December 14th Join VAIN’s holiday open house! 10-30% discounts store wide and complimentary refreshments served, 6 PM- 9 PM. 100’s of classy and affordable gifts, jewelry and accessories available under $40. Hair tinsel services available so you can sparkle all season long! Free gifts with purchase while supplies last. Chance to win a hair service package to make your 2019 style dreams come true!

Friday, December 14th Celebrate the holidays with great ciders and fruit wines from Finnriver Cidery at Sound and Fog Coffee. They will be tasting several different ciders, fruit wines and an added bonus of Mt Townsend Cheeses to pair with the tasting. Enjoy reduced Finnriver Cider and Mt. Townsend Cheese pricing all night. Tasting is $7 and is a 21+ Event. 5 PM – 8 PM

Saturday, December 15 6:30pm Caspar Babypants at Easy Street Records. Enjoy our own West Seattle Caspar Babypants as he strums up favorite children’s tunes and some holiday favorites. Brought to you by Verity Credit Union. Share the love, join the Facebook invite here.

Sunday, December 16th Santa Bus at the Farmers Market leaving from the south end of SW Alaska and California Ave 10 AM to 2 PM. Hosted by Quail Park. Meet Santa on the bus for a festive ride around town. Stop by the Kiwanis booth at the Farmers Market for the Cocoa and Coat Drive. Bring new or gently used coats, hats, scarves and gloves benefiting the West Seattle Helpline. Warm up with a festive hot cocoa from our friends at West Seattle Christian.

Sunday, December 16th  Cocoa Cris Cringle makes his annual visit to Easy Street Records, photos by donation. 4 PM – 8 PM.

Thursday, December 20th Experience the wonder of West Seattle! Many Junction retailers are open late. Pair with happy hour and you’ve got a great night out.

Friday, December 21st Jan’s Beauty Supply save 20% off Kenra, Alterna and Pureology. Enjoy wine, meat & cheese trays, chocolates and other treats!

December 21-23rd Capers is hosting local jeweler, Potluck Paris on  from 10am- 6pm. Sourced from Parisian designers, Potluck Paris jewelry is one of a kind. As the company says, “We
have chunky rings, hammered cuffs, elaborate bracelets, and divine necklaces…We offer jewelry that is on the cutting edge of fashion.”

Saturday, Dec 22nd through Monday, December 24th Last Minute Dash. Don’t panic! Your Junction retailers, restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries are ready to help you select the perfect (last minute) gift. We’ll be ready to guide you with the last minute purchase all three days. Phew!

Sunday, December 30th Holiday Farmers Market 10 AM – 2 PM. Pick up a locally made artisan gift. You know you’ll be spreading good cheer when you support a local farmer.

Monday, December 31 NYE Celebrations. Celebrate the New Year in West Seattle. The Junction restaurants are ready cheer in 2019 with festive specials.

Hometown Holidays

When you check off your list at The Junction, you are not only giving your friends and family unique local gifts you might not find anywhere else, but you are also receiving a special connection to your community and the satisfaction of supporting your neighbor.

Hometown Holidays Tree Lighting made possible through a grant from Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Hometown Holidays is supported through our Junction Partners: