West Seattle Junction Small Business Relief Fund

It’s time to act, West Seattle! Our small businesses need our immediate help to survive the crisis in our community

The WSJA has set up a Junction Small Business Relief Fund, a fundraising campaign to help cover essential monthly expenses like utility bills and payroll taxes of merchants and service providers throughout West Seattle.

NEW! Love your favorite merchants? You can support yours through the Junction Small Business Relief Fund. Here you can support your favorite by donating to one or many businesses. Enter the name of the small business, then pick the dollar amount. 100% of the funds will be distributed directly to the business.


Too many businesses are fighting just to come back after the stay-at-home order. We want each and every one of you to be the reason they can! Support West Seattle. If we all give, we all benefit #igotthisws


We all know what makes West Seattle special. It’s the small-town feel. It’s your favorite deli who knows your favorite ice cream or a boutique who ping you when your favorite item has arrived. Our businesses run on the passion and dedication of individuals like these owners. Without them, all of our lives will change – but most critically, those individuals who work there. To make this relief fund count, each of us can take responsibility for our community.

WSJA is asking if you can make a donation to help support the businesses that make our lives richer and our neighborhood a better place to live. As a show of gratitude, we will invite the entire community to West Seattle Day (date TBD), with special recognition to those who donated to the relief fund, to celebrate our community’s recovery.

Join the People Who Have Already Donated! As of January 4th, 2021, the community has donated $83,429 + $29,000 matching gift cards from West Seattle Christian Church + $10,000 matching fund from Verity Credit Union + $722 during Give BIG. Thank you, that’s $123,151!

Q: What happens to the funds once you contribute?

A: The funds are sent directly to that business within a few business days! The business receives a list of the generous folks who have donated. 


Thank you to these donors!

Devin SGreg and Tracy JKathleen BLaurie NSteve TGolden W
Shellie SMike MTeri EMarilyn MMaya LKatherine T-H
Jennie SWendy WMary Ann PChristine RElaine RJohn O
Susanna LIrene GRhonda GJohn RAnita LSusan C
Kristen RScott IJennie DKahtleen LSarah WSteven G
Becca GGayatri KLynda CJohn OKyra-Lin WSara D
Rizwan GTracy MMaureen DJeanie KMary DEmily C
Wes OKathy JJeff CEvelyn FJen PCJana U
Chloe GScott GPaul AKathy JMolly ZDarisa G
David MBillie YKaren SFred HAndrea YMita P
B+S NMarysue HNola FRachel RReeve WMichele E
Karen MQuinton AMike WSeattle PopsJohn RMarjorie and Krista H
Mapes FamilyChristopher GRob HMari SJanet LSusan V
Dave GHolly HJoan MKelley HMary LShelley G
Gale CJulie LStephanie KJanet MSuzanne DJulie L
Rachel MChris JWen SNicole PAngela GEric H
Kathryn HCory VJoanne WPam SJaeeun CMaya L
Kara KLibby SJennie DTracey LaPHelen REric A
Corinne WBen SOrin RTaylor PLinda CJana C
Luna C-SMichelle RAnnika SKimmi KCindi BAnne B
Amy RSarah PSue FTonya HSuzanne KFred H
Dawn MGayle FAlbert CKimberly JSandra HJohn O
Deb BAngela GTeresa MKatie WKathy JRocky I
Rick GDane HSarah CMary SGregg MEne-Liis A
Michael DAudrey ZBethany GDennis FAngela G Kimberly J

Thank you to Verity Credit Union from May 5th they are doubling your donation up to $10,000!

Kathy JPaul DeAPaul PMegan LMargaret GWilliam B
Lynn AKim JBrian MJohn OMary SPeter and Jennifer L
Joy GLizanne FPauline WDeena CJulie RCarol B
William BAndrew LKiersten LVanessa EBill LBill B
Rachel BJeanine KJane HJJoan MRoger SLuc S
Stephanie BDebbie SClaire ORosie HCourtney TQuinton A
Marisa HMaya LDonald F Paula and Jim HKaylee KRoger B
Bethany GAudrey ZPeter FGJoey SRosemary JRita B
James GCandace and Terry HWill BDave NAngela GNathan W
Jill FSusanna NBrian RAnne-Marie HSusi MKathy J
Pardis GNicole RSandra WGretchen DDKim JTess K
Mark NWestMan Real EstateBrian CMolly WZanne BCeleste M
Vicki RAlex CRenee RChelsea VCynthia TMichael W
Danielle GMichael TDonna PErika HAudrey ZSusanne C
Kate LKiera SJosie M Rich LLyanda HSilvia D
Dorothy DLaurel TRandall RRichard GDenise CLauren W
Martha SLiz SIan BSarah RCarrie PCarlie C
Taylor FSameer SChrysta TGregory HSusan F



Your donation is tax-deductible the WSJA tax ID # is 91-1403639


1. Donate through this link with a credit card


2. Donate via Venmo @westseattlejunction or scan the QR code


3. Send a check West Seattle Junction Association 4210 SW Oregon St, Suite A Seattle, WA 98116


4. Join the 10x challenge! If you can’t donate, send this link to 10 of friends with a 10 challenge, or post on your social media #wegotthisws 

Message from Jack Miller Husky Deli

Thank you for your donation, we could not do this without you.

We appreciate you joining us to help support the Junction merchants through this challenging time. Your donation makes a BIG impact in helping us get the merchants back on their feet and supporting them while we all grapple with loss of financial safety nets.

We know – thanks to people like you – this historic period in the history of not only West Seattle, but the city, nation, and world, will be eased with your support. This is far from over, with economic rebound predictions lasting far into 2021. Please consider sharing this fundraiser with friends and family. One email, Facebook or Instagram post, or phone call to others makes all the difference between seeing your favorite business reopen or forever shuttered.

Thank you for helping to deepen our commitment to getting the businesses open and supporting the dreamers who believed in small business from the very beginning. Together, we can change lives and build healthier communities.

The Junction has achieved the highest level of nonprofit transparency.