PETAL POWAdopt a BasketER: Adopt a flower basket along California Ave

NEW in 2017, join your community by adopting one of the beautiful flower baskets that line California Avenue in the Junction. Each basket is filled to overflowing with beautiful seasonal flowers that shows a real love for nature.

For $145 donation (you can purchase more than one basket) your flower basket will show the neighborhood your support for West Seattle. Your basket is professionally planted and designed by City Planters. The Junction Association will take care of watering and maintaining your basket.

Your basket will be completed with a name plate affixed to the historic light pole showing who adopted the basket. You may have the name plate in your name, for a gift (fun for an anniversary or birthday), or in memory.

Bring guests and family members to show your support of the neighborhood. The baskets are hung May through September from the historic light poles lining California Avenue.


PETAL POWER: Two Ways to Adopt

Click and Pay! It’s That Easy You can register and pay here. Your basket is completed with a name plate showing who adopted, or for whom you adopted the basket. Click to register and pay online. Your adoption is tax deductible as the Junction is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We will email or mail you a receipt.

Fill out my online form.


Register and Mail! Mail Your Adoption You can easily download the adoption form and mail, along with a check, to the Junction Association. Your basket is completed with a name plate showing who adopted, or for whom you adopted the basket. Make your check payable to: West Seattle Junction Association. You can mail your adoption form and check to: WSJA 4210 SW Oregon St, Suite A Seattle, WA 98116.  Your adoption is tax deductible as the Junction is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We will email or mail you a receipt.



THANK YOU: Join the Growing Number of People Who are Adopting a Basket

Mr and Mrs RJ Sherman                                  The Whittaker Apartments

Ventana Construction                                       Ludmila Faber

West Seattle Blog                                                  ArtsWest

Many Mang                                                             Sound Credit Union

Dean, Ann, Gracie, Lucy & Ellie                   Bakery Nouveau

Clint James/Ryan LeClaire                             WYZIWYG Urban Farm

Fellin Family                                                          McNelis Architects

In Memory of Meg McKennon                     Christian and Mark Samlaska

Debra and Eric Herbst                                      Mascio Family

Judith Hill                                                               Joan Kellum

The Houston Family                                          8 Limbs Yoga Centers

West Seattle Helpline                                        Julie Richter and Matt Gilbert

Dr Susanne Gee                                                   Meade Thayer and Ray Fernandez

LaVida Massage                                                   Dr. Christine Kirchner

Karin Brown                                                          Westside Dermatology

Allison and Scott Willhite Alki Homes      Meryl Schenker Photography

Funky Janes

Alice Kuder

ActivSpace Harbor Ave

Ali Spietz

Coastline Burgers

Memory of Donna De Andrea

Washington Management Company

West Seattle Farmers Market

Larry “Ric” Keller

Daystar Retirement Village

The Shaughnessy Family

West Seattle Garden Club

Bob and Lou Hull

Michael, Shirley and Alexander Shaw

Curious Kidstuff



PICTURES: Pictures of the Baskets Along California Ave















Photo Credit: West Seattle Blog

CONTACT: Questions? Contact the Junction Association

Questions about the Flower Power Adopt-a-Basket Program?

West Seattle Junction Association

4210 SW Oregon St, Suite A Seattle WA 98116

(206) 935-0904

info [at] wsjunction [dot] com

To adopt and pay online click here.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can adopt a basket?

The adopter can be a person, group, family or individual.

Where and when will the flower baskets be hung?

The basket will be hung on a one of the historic light poles which line California Avenue. The baskets are hung mid May until mid September.

Who maintains the flower baskets?

Each basket receives daily watering and maintenance which will be funded by the West Seattle Junction Association merchants.

What is the cost for the flower baskets? Can I adopt more than one?

The cost for each basket is $145.00, you may purchase more than one basket. Two baskets are priced at a discounted $280.00 Three baskets are priced a discounted $415.00. Please contact the Junction Association if you wish to adopt more than three baskets. We have 95 available baskets.

What does the adoption fee cover?

Your adoption fee includes a professionally grown and planted flower basket and a plaque which will be placed on the light pole under your basket.

Can I keep the plaque and flower basket?

You may keep the plaque when the baskets are removed in September, the physical baskets belong to the grower. We can arrange for you to repot the flowers if requested in advance of the removal. We will email you two weeks prior to your basket being removed.

How much text can I include on the plaque?

Text is limited to 2 lines. You can include your name, organization, business name, group, family name. Plus, one additional line of text up to 15 letters.

How do I pay for the flower basket?

You can adopt and pay for your flower basket via credit card through our online application. Or mail a check to the Junction Association along with this form. Make checks payable to West Seattle Junction Association. Mail to 4210 SW Oregon St, Suite A Seattle WA 98116.

Is the Junction Association a nonprofit?

Yes, the Junction Association is a 501(c)(3), your adoption is a nonprofit donation.

ABOUT US: About the Junction Association

Established in 1907.

The West Seattle Junction was little more than boggy woodland until April 1907, when two streetcar lines were connected at California Avenue SW and SW Alaska Street (then 9th Street). Within a month, a dozen real estate agents had opened offices at what quickly became known as “the Junction.”

By 1911, the Junction had grown from a collection of real-estate offices into a full-fledged business district. At least three grocery stores, two lumber companies, a hardware store, two electrical firms, three physicians, and two fuel outlets were located within a half-mile radius of the streetcar crossing.

Now the Junction is Downtown West Seattle–an eclectic Seattle neighborhood’s main street and center stage. It’s the hub of activity where the West Seattle community connects for coffee, shopping, business activities, doctor visits, dinner, drinks and camaraderie.



Download the printable adopt-a-basket form by clicking this PDF link adopt-a-basket-form