WSJA at West Seattle Farmers Market May 6th!

West Seattle Farmer’s Market on May 6th! We are celebrating Mother’s Day early with a mini workout session for Mom and a kid’s activity where the kids can make a gift for Mom! Fitness Revolution with Jill will be demonstrating and leading a short exercise session for those interested in her “Top 5 belly blasting exercises.” She will also have “cheat sheets” of this workout available for Moms to grab from our booth. So be sure to stop by and learn how to do the top 5 belly blasting exercises and hang out with Jill! Curious KidStuff will be providing a special Mother’s Day activity for the kiddos to work on while Mom works out with Jill! Space is limited to 10 kids at a time, so we appreciate your patience everyone! You can definitely find some great gifts for Mom at the Farmer’s Market as well: flowers, specialty cheeses, plant starts and flower bulbs and more! *Photo: West Seattle Farmers Market  ]]>

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