What is the Junction, anyway??


We’re so glad you asked.

The West Seattle Junction, geographically, is the business and residential zone within the boundaries of the vaguely robot-dog shaped outline above. The area runs more or less from SW Edmunds to SW Genesee, and from 44th Ave SW to Fauntleroy Way-ish.

The West Seattle Junction, politically, is a City of Seattle Business Improvement District, or BIA. The Junction is one of eleven BIAs in Seattle. A map showing all eleven BIAs is below, and the City’s BIA explainer page is here.

The West Seattle Junction Association (WSJA) aka The Junction, is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 to protect the parking lots so that we could have a thriving downtown when folks were heading to malls. The work of the The Junction has expanded tremendously over the decades. The Junction’s activities are largely funded by a mandatory assessment upon the businesses within its boundaries. We also raise funds for community events through sponsorships, donations and ticketed events.

So, what does “The Junction” do?

The mission of the WSJA is to develop, encourage, promote and participate in activities that enhance a healthy economic and social climate for the West Seattle Junction community. Junction businesses, from specialty shops and restaurants to professional offices, are supported broadly by the WSJA in their outreach efforts to attract patrons to the Junction. We also provide a Clean and Safe program with crews cleaning the area four days a week and a security team on patrols seven nights a week, with daytime foot patrols starting January 2024.  We keep the area beautiful as well, with year-round lighted trees, flower baskets each spring, banners and flags, and Christmas wreaths and lights.

We are probably best known for our events like Summer Fest in July and the Hometown Holidays GLOWS event in December. Our monthly Art Walk, Halloween, and the Spring and Fall Wine Walks keep people coming back to the Junction throughout the year. In 2022, we collaborated with the West Seattle Chamber to create the West Seattle Float Hunt, and will continue this fun event the first two weeks of every August. Our passion and vision for the future of this vibrant business district has established West Seattle as a highly desirable place to live, meet friends, find interesting events and connect with neighbors.

Change is coming: WSJA is looking to expand its boundaries a block south and north on California and a few blocks east as well. This will allow us to increase our services and create a greater sense of connection between the upper and lower Junction areas. So the vaguely robot-dog shaped outline we described earlier will get bigger ears, tail and feet!


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