West Seattle Loves Free Parking!

New Free Parking Program Announced in West Seattle Junction Created to offset lost parking due to constructionParkingMap Construction companies, Andersen and Compass, have teamed up with the West Seattle Junction Association to offer parking relief to customers of businesses who neighbor their construction projects.  With these two projects combined, more that half of the 4700 block of California/42nd is under construction.  As part of developing the sites and making public safety a top priority, the projects have taken upwards of 20 on-street parking spots.  Adjacent businesses are feeling the pinch since they are surrounded by construction activities and lost parking. The City of Seattle’s Access Seattle Team, composed of members of the Department of Transportation and the Office of Economic Development, helped facilitate a solution for area businesses.  Both Andersen and Compass have agreed to help fund a new free parking program intended to aid their business neighbors.  Customers of participating businesses can now get up to two hours of free parking in Jefferson Square’s underground parking garage using Diamond Parking’s Call to Park service.

How it works:  Customers of participating businesses will park in the Jefferson Square underground garage on 42nd Street and immediately bring their license plate number to business staff who will pay for 1-2 hours of free parking.  Customers will be responsible for staying within the specified time or can add time using calltopark.com.  Easy!  Elliott Bay Brewery, Wallflower Custom Framing and Talarico’s Pizzeria are launching the program, but more on their block may join.

This program is available now; please give it a try!  Construction may be noisy and sometimes inconvenient, but Junction restaurants and retailers still need your to business to keep what’s familiar to our West Seattle neighborhood.  Though The Junction may be changing, your tried-and-true businesses will stay the course.  This program is available on a trial basis through January 2015. SDOT has created a construction detour map that can be viewed here. Thank you to Compass General Construction, Andersen Construction and the City’s Access Seattle Team, for their collaboration and support.]]>

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