Twilight Changes Name to Virago Gallery


You may have wondered what’s happened to the Twilight Gallery sign. This just in from the owner of Twilight:

As we move into our 5th year of business our gallery has come into its own. We will continue the same unwavering commitment to women artists and women in business in our little cool corner of West Seattle. Stay tuned as we update our website, storefront and media. We like to do things slow and steady and that’s how we will continue to roll out, culminating with a big relaunch in the Spring. Thank you to our amazing friends and customers! In 2017 stay strong and commit to love. XO, Tracy, Kim, and Sylvia
Tracy goes onto to explain the meaning behind the name Virago. Virago (n.)  A strong, brave or warlike woman. A virago is a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities. A woman of stature, great strength and courage who is not feminine in the conventional way. The word Virago has almost always had an association with gender transgressions. A Virago, of whatever excellence, was still identified by her gender. Or simply : A female warrior. Stop by Virago to see what Tracy and her staff have at the gallery or visit their website.]]>

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