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What makes Bohemian studios unique?

Bohemian Studios is a local, woman owned, small business with our sole location in West Seattle! There’s magic in our studio not only because of the incredible mural and home-y feel right when you walk in the door, but the community we have is unmatched! Those who find Bohemian are drawn here for a reason. We find it so special to see relationships form between strangers that then turn into friendships just because they’ve chosen to take a class at the same time! On top of a great community and studio space, the instructors work so hard to continue educating themselves on new exercises, anatomy, music selections and more to offer the highest quality classes they can! Barre is unique because of the low impact but high intensity workout it offers. We have our own method of instruction that allows each teacher to put their flair and personality into each class while still delivering a full body workout! The flexibility in our method also gives space for new exercises each class while still keeping a familiar order and process to the class as a whole. We also offer non-heated, fluid Vinyasa yoga that goes hand-in-hand with our barre method. We always encourage our students to take both barre and yoga so they can bring ease and space into their barre workouts, and strength and endurance into their yoga flows.


When did you start the studio?

The studio was started in 2015 by current owner, Tracy Drago. Tracy dreamed of a barre studio that matched her style of workout and was located in her community so she recruited a local fitness and barre instructor to train and detail what Bohemian Studios would become, and the rest is history! In 2016 a second location was opened in Phinney Ridge. This space was pure magic with big windows, tons of space, and a really special neighborhood community! The West Seattle location moved in fall 2018 from the small location on 35th, to the current location on Edmunds & Fauntleroy. Many changes came amid the pandemic in 2020. Phinney Ridge closed its doors leaving West Seattle as the sole location, and management shifted bringing Miranda Madich in as Studio Director. We are thrilled to say that in the last 8 years Bohemian Studios has brought joy, community, and top notch workouts to so many people and we plan to continue doing all of that and more for many years to come!


What can someone expect when they walk in the door?

Bohemian Studios is unique in the sense that we do not have a front desk or lobby area. This way we can utilize the whole space for students during class and be able to welcome you in as if you were walking into our home! Shoes come off at the door and you enter our “living room”. The space feels safe, inclusive and comfortable – throw your bag down and greet your friends, your home! We welcome folks of all fitness levels and specifically train our instructors to offer options for all levels so everyone can get a workout catered to them! We hope each student leaves feeling empowered, connected, and with more knowledge and gratitude towards and about their bodies!


What do you hope your clients get from your style of classes?

Like we mentioned above, it’s our main goal that you feel safe in every exercise or movement we offer! Our Vinyasa yoga has a soft rise to the peak challenge posture or flow your instructor has planned for, offering options along the way that prepare your body to attempt the challenge! You’ll notice a trend in each barre exercise; we always start slow and build to a quicker, smaller movement. This way you are able to feel the muscles working, find control and smoothness in your movement while building up the momentum to the final #tinylift burn! Our barre method reaches the smaller, less worked, supporting muscles as well as the main muscles so you are able to find integration and support your body! Our style of teaching speaks to those looking for an all around, total body workout while being mindful to connect with how and why your body works and how you can nourish not only your body, but also your energy.

Details for our open house this Sunday: Sunday, April 16th 2-6pm

We’ll be offering exclusive deals and discounts! Wine poured by MyWineHunter, forever jewelry by Miranda from And Arlen, and handmade macrame, crstals and more sold by Nyah from Beautifully Illuminated.


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