New Spring'ish Drinks at Hotwire

Spring'ish at Hotwire

Hotwire Online Coffeehouse likes to keep things fresh. That’s why they rack their creative minds to bring us fun, new drinks and treats for all our favorite holidays and seasons. They’re good like that. They also know that we’ve been jonesing for spring weather (like that first sip of coffee in the morning), so they’re rolling out a new season of beverages on their hotsheet. They’re calling the new list “Spring’ish has Sprung’ish”, and it has the perfect fix for grey clouds and rainy days. These drinks are pretty much sunshine and flowers in a cup. Check out a few of our favorite offerings that they’re serving up now:
  • MARIGOLD MOCHA Honey, orange peel and Nutella. Yeah, we went there.
  • MATCHA TEA LATTE Full of antioxidants, we whisk ours with orange peel and honey.
  • BLACKBERRY & CARAMEL LATTE Tart blackberry is balanced with our pure butter caramel.
  • BLUEBERRY MEXICAN MOCHA Fruitiness of blueberries and our house-made super secret Mexican chocolate. Ole!
  • CARAMEL AND CINNAMON AMERICANO The bold Americano is sweetened by the butter caramel and a cinnamon kick.
  • CHOCOLATE CHAI Try yours with sweet or spicy chai pared with our dark chocolate.
You can also always choose the BARISTA’S MYSTERY. Are you daring? Their highly-creative baristas will whip up a drink of their choice. Be prepared to be astounded by the taste.  

New Spring’ish Drinks at Hotwire

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