Love is…Art Walk Night!

West Seattle Art Walk Night is this Thursday March 8th! And we have the exclusive on one of the featured artists here in The Junction! Open:heart Photography (David Dayton) will be showing at Hotwire Coffee, opening March 8th through April 11th! His series “Filtered Through gods” is his first exhibit! ~Existing in the limitless reaches of space, heaven and the Universe are sounds, shapes and signs filtered out through nature from which one can possibly draw secrets, rationality, understanding, explanation, justification, sanity and resolve. These are very beautiful, significant and not-so-random moments to notice because I believe that they were given to us as gifts. It is these gifts that could be the very letters and words delivered by the glorious and the magnificent when creating the concordance and harmony of heaven and earth.  Hear them and be productive. Feel them and be creative. See them and be alive. Look to nature as if it were music, for I believe it is.~ Check out more at: to view his line of ‘open:heart moment cards’ made in collaboration with artist Lisa Mei Ling Fong. The cards are currently on sale at Twilight Art Collective in West Seattle, Ghost Gallery on Capitol Hill and Gargoyles in the U-District. Photo: David Dayton, Open:heart Photography  ]]>

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