Leslie Thomson, Owner of Dream Dinners

What do you like about doing business in the Junction? [caption id="attachment_3945" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Photo: Donna Ryan Photography"][/caption] I love the community feel of The Junction. Everyone here is like my neighbor; my buddy. How many years have you been in business? We’ve been here for 6 ½ years now. Who are your customers? Our customers are primarily moms. We also have lots of single folks, new nesters, seniors, and empty nesters as our customer base. Tell me something about your business that I might not have known? We help people save money. On average, people can save about $200/month signing up with Dream Dinners 2-4 times per week. This eliminates eating out, wasting food and impulse buying. Our meals are easy, convenient and nutritional. I have a Masters in Nutrition, am a dietician and have been a certified diabetes educator for 20 years. What are the challenges of owning an independent business? The challenges I face are balancing family, business and taking time for myself. What do you enjoy in your free time? I enjoy the outdoors, kayaking, skiing and hiking with my family. [caption id="attachment_3946" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Photo: Donna Ryan Photography"][/caption] What other Junction shops do you like to patron? I like Bakery Nouveau, Coffee to a Tea, Fresh Bistro, Capers, Funky Janes, Menashe’s and Hotwire. Anything to add about your family? All three of my children have worked at the store at one time or another. They are now ages 19, 21 and 23 so we are officially empty nesters now! What is West Seattle’s best kept secret? Our sense of community is the best kept secret.  Everything here is accessible – restaurants, shopping and the ability to get around here. Oh, and Husky Deli, their ice cream is amazing! April and May are online on the West Seattle Dream Dinners website!]]>

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