JF Henry Holiday Open House Nov 20-21!

Bakerware & Cookware & Knives & Other glorious things! * LeCreuset Stoneware is a cold stone value! Get comfortable with comfort food. * Staub Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Ovens from the French. Oooolala! * All-Clad French Skillets – the best of the best. We know because Tom said so. * Chantal Copper Fusion Enamel Cookware crafted in Germany by crafty engineers. *J.A. Henckels entire stock of cutlery and clad cookware. That means everything! *Shun Knives of VG10 Damask Steel from Japan. They’re really, really, really good. HEY KITCHEN DWELLERS, IT’S SHOW TIME! SAT.  11AM – 1PM J.A. HENCKELS & STAUB DEMO!  Watch Nickolas Smith (Corden Bleu trained Chef) fix smoked salami & basil frittata with Marscarpone cheese. Also learn tricks on how to sear with cast iron. Appetizing way to get smart. SAT.  12PM – 2PM THE BEST KITCHEN TIMERS & TEMPERATURE TOOLS DEMO!  Nancy Thompson of CDN is offering our Eggciting Egg Shaped Digital Timer, Only $9.99. Nancy will also demo our amazing anything but cheesey cheese knife. SAT.  1PM – 3PM SHUN KNIFE PRESENTATION!  Kie Thompson shows smart, proper use and care of cutlery and cooks with the incredible Portable Induction Burner from Fissler Co. of Germany (Just $299.) Improve your kitchen IQ, instantly. SUN.  11AM – 1PM FREE KNIFE SHARPENING!  Tall Tom will sharpen 3 of your dullest knives for free! He’s such a cut up – figuratively, not literally. QUOTE THE COOKIE MONSTER:   COOKIESSSSSSSS! Elves Carol, Ethel & Patty have been baking like maniacs, so your taste buds can celebrate the holiday right. Yum! MAIL CALL! YOUR E-MAIL IS WORTH 20% OFF! Yes, Tom is now part of the digital age and needs your help. Visit jfhenry.com, register your e-mail address and receive a FREE COUPON (via your e-mail) worth 20% OFF on any one item during December. Call it a holiday gift to yourself.]]>