Harvest Fest Fun Starts Here


  Create King and Queen crowns Decorate tea-light lanterns with leaves, glitter, etc. and put the handles on. Made out of school milk cartons! Bean Bag into Pumpkins Toss. Jack o’ Lantern Face basketball hoop shoot. Tea light crafts. Turkey hands: kids will draw their hands and paint them to look like turkeys. Pumpkin faces: kids with paint a paper plate with two holes for eyes and they can paint. Photo booth with Halloween props. Hula hoops for contests to see who can last the longest and just general fun with a large photo backdrop so parents can take pictures. Kids coloring placemats. Spin a wheel or pick up a pumpkin (and look underneath) to see if they win a prize or a 4oz Pumpkin yogurt cup. Fly casting for kids! “mock” election for kids to try out ranked-choice voting. Spin wheel for small prizes! Cookie Decorating. Coloring pages. Marshmallow/toothpick building, hand turkeys, and large Pinko “build your own sushi” table with hot glue guns (we will have adults there to help assemble), cotton balls, felt and markers, etc. Come on over and build your own nigiri and temaki’s! Math games for students and they will win free prizes and candies. Coloring and origami Sensory bins are a huge hit! Food systems based trivia for all ages. Prizes will include a selection of goods. We’ll have a spinning wheel at our booth that kids can spin to win fun prizes. Spooky tic-tac-toe with painted rocks. Winners will receive a prize! Learn to row with a coach. Button making and a guitar for kids to try out. Button maker, as well as goodies and giveaways. Cow Toss Corn Hole. Mini putt-putt golf green with small prizes for making a hole in one. Goal with a goalie that kids will be able to pick up a lacrosse stick and take shots on goal! Allow kids to harvest seeds off of plantings and create seed packs that they can take home and plant in their home gardens. A spin wheel, ring toss, Plinko board. Witch hat hoop throw and obstacle course. Decorate lunch sacks to look like Turkeys. Decorate mini pumpkins. Pie Face – kids dig through whipped cream with their mouth to pull out the candy corn and pumpkin candy. Each has their own pie dish to dig in. Ring toss the Pumpkin – we line up pumpkins and they use a hula hoop to ring toss a pumpkin Connect 4. Jenga and Corn Hole. Color your own teddy bear and a photo booth. Cornhole, stickers, coloring. Getting kids involved in jump roping. Photo booth. Fishing booth where kids get fishing poles that they catch Goldfish crackers. Applepalooza. Photo Booth with costumes and cut out dancers and coloring! Coloring pages and a fun spinner wheel trivia game. ]]>

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