Contemplating Nothingness at ArtsWest

ArtsWest Playhouse & Gallery presents new art exhibit:contemplating_nothingness_web_banner3

Featured artists: Akiko Kino, Jane Emens & Maxine Mattson When: March 28 – April 24, 2010 Noon to 7:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday Free Admission Wine and Cheese Artist Reception: Thursday, April 8, 6-9pm Including, The Value of Nothingness, a special ArtsWest ON STAGE panel discussion with artists, collectors and buyers beginning at 7:30pm Where:  ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery – 4711 California Avenue SW Akiko Kino’s atmospheric oil paintings encompass large fields of white with subtle colorful design components. Using a knife instead of a brush, she creates a dimensional surface.  Kino, originally from Japan, works to express ugoki (movement) and nagare (flow) in her paintings inspired by nature and dreams. She graduated from Toita College in Tokyo with a degree in art and was mentored by internationally renowned painter, Masando Kito. Jane Emens creates a textural surface that includes subtle colors and shapes similar to the surface of Lascaux or a weathered wall.  With yogic focus, Emens works from the inner place of non-rational quiet to find meaning for her creative endeavors and life. She received her MFA in Fiber and Mixed Media Art from JFK University in California. Maxine Mattson has been painting for over two decades with a focus on colorful abstract encaustic work over the last six years.  Her textured surfaces of layered wax explore the ethereal quality of energy and reflect her interest in representing the passing of time.  A wonderful tension is created from the art’s vibrant colors with natural mixed media objects that emerge from the undulating surfaces.  Mattson’s art has been published, awarded and is collected nationally.]]>

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