Celebrate #ChardDay with Bin 41 Tonight!

May 24th has been designated a social media global #ChardDay (Chardonnay Day)! A varietal so widely loved but sometimes completely overworked by so many winemakers, Bin 41’s goal is to show you the beauty, elegance and grace that Chardonnay has to offer. When done well, the best Chardonnays are truly amazing (calling all Burg Hounds to shout out here!!!). Join Bin 41 as they join folks around the world to sip and savor a range of Chards from Chablis style to barrel fermented and aged. They’ll be sharing wines from Burgundy and Oregon (one wine from limited production, less than 75 cases, is being shipped up just for the tasting…not available anywhere else in the market!) as well as a few great local examples. Join Bin 41 for this non-regular tasting night and share in some delicious wines! As a special treat, Ernie from Amalie Robert is making the trek up to Seattle to share his Chablis style Chardonnay at the event.]]>

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