See FREE live music in the streets of West Seattle!

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Seattle is known for its music scene, and summer is the perfect time to celebrate with live outdoor music at the West Seattle Summer Fest, July 10-12. This outdoor summer festival in Seattle is known to always rock the house with a great line-up of Seattle rock bands. Aside from the rocking live music, this Seattle summer festival is laden with outdoor activities, such as shopping, arts and crafts, dining, beer gardens, and activities for kids.  All music is on the California Stage.

BandDay2015 Set time
Evening Bellhttp://www.eveningbellband.comFRIDAY4:00
Pony Timehttps://pony-time.bandcamp.comFRIDAY5:00
Deep Creephttp://www.deepcreepband.comFRIDAY6:00
The Shivashttp://www.theshivas.comFRIDAY7:00
La Luz
DJ Lance Romance
The Thermalshttp://www.thethermals.comFRIDAY9:30
Pig Snouthttp://www.pigsnoutband.comSATURDAY12:00
Timbre Baronshttps://timbrebarons.bandcamp.comSATURDAY2:00
Naked Giantshttps://nakedgiants.bandcamp.comSATURDAY3:00
Black Whaleshttp://www.blackwhales.comSATURDAY5:00
The Fame Riothttp://www.thefameriot.comSATURDAY7:00
Vox Modhttp://www.voxmod.comSATURDAY9:00
The Cave Singershttp://www.thecavesingers.comSATURDAY9:30
The Solventshttps://solvents.bandcamp.comSUNDAY1:00
Memphis Radio Kings
Stereo Embershttp://www.stereoembers.comSUNDAY3:00
Sick Sad Worldhttps://sick-sad-world.bandcamp.comSUNDAY4:00