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Alert from Sound Advice: Two display iPhones were stolen. You can view the video here.

Alert from the Senior Center: Person took multiple items from the Stop n’ Shop. You can view the photos here.

Alert from Junction True Value: Attempted copper pipe theft. They eventually dropped the pipe and ran.

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DEADLINE TO APPLY APRIL 2oth Merchant Summer Fest Application here

Merchant Facebook Group here

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Read about NEW Food Safety Rating System here (April for West Seattle)

Have an artist who wants to submit art for the Art Walk walking map and poster, here is the link

Q1 2017 Jan – Feb – Mar

Submit your January, February or March Art Walk Artist information here

Jan 12 Art Walk 6pm – 9pm

Jan 20 Marketing meeting 9am Windermere

Jan 27 Art Walk meeting 9am Uptown (Edmunds)

Feb 8 Merchant meeting 6pm – 7:30pm Senior Center

Feb 9 Art Walk 6pm – 9pm

Feb 17 Marketing meeting 9am Windermere

Feb 22 Annual Meeting Senior Center 5:30pm – 7:30pm RSVP here

March 9 Art Walk 6pm – 9pm

March 17 Art Walk meeting 9am Uptown (Edmunds)

Q2 2017 Apr – May – June

DEADLINE MAR 3RD Sign up for April, May and June Art Walk here

April 13 Art Walk 5pm – LATE

April 21 Marketing meeting 9am Windermere

April 29th Day of Giving with your registration here

May 11 Art Walk 5pm – LATE

May 19 Art Walk meeting 9am Uptown (Edmunds)

Spring Clean-Up (NEW) May 20th

June 8 Art Walk 5pm – LATE

June 16 Marketing meeting 9am Windermere

June 23 Art Walk meeting 9am Uptown (Edmunds)

Q3 2017 July – Aug – Sept

DEADLINE MAY 2ND Sign up for July, August and September Art Walk here

Seattle’s Secure Scheduling Ordinance will go into effect on July 1, 2017. The law applies to retail and food service establishments with 500+ employees worldwide, as well as full service restaurants with 500+ employees and 40+ full-service restaurant locations worldwide.

July 13 Art Walk 5pm – LATE

July 14th – 16th Summer Fest – Merchant Summer Fest Page 

July 21 Marketing meeting 9am Windermere

July 22nd West Seattle Outdoor Movies begins next 6 Saturdays

Aug 10 Art Walk 5pm – LATE

Aug 18 Art Walk meeting 9am Uptown (Edmunds)

Sept 14 Art Walk 5pm – LATE

Sept 15 Marketing meeting 9am Windermere

Q4 2017 Oct – Nov – Dec

DEADLINE AUG 7TH Sign up for October, November and December Art Walk here 

Oct 12 Art Walk 5pm – LATE

Oct 13 Art Walk meeting 9am Uptown (Edmunds)

Oct 29 Harvest Festival 10am – 2pm

Nov 9 Art Walk 5pm – LATE

Nov 17 Marketing meeting 9am Windermere

Nov 25 Small Business Saturday

Dec 2 Tree Lighting 5pm

Dec 14 Art Walk 5pm – LATE