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For Him

This holiday season, The Junction is taking the guesswork out of gift giving. We’ve gathered up our favorite ideas from our local Junction shops and brought them together in one place to showcase what shopping local has to offer you. Do you need a present for a family member, a friend, or a co-worker and not know where to start? This is the place to go! Browse by category to find gift ideas that will certainly wow and impress your family and friends, while also supporting your local neighborhood shops.

This year give a gift that means so much more – give a gift that supports your local community.

During each week of this holiday season, we’re highlighting a couple different categories in the Gift Guide to bring our best ideas directly to you. Today we’re talking about Gifts For Him.


For Him

For the fellows on your list, here are some gift ideas not to be missed! Whether it’s gifts for your dad, your son, or your brother, the Junction definitely has you covered. Just remind yourself, “he’s a ___ kind of guy,” and that will help you pick what to buy.

Is he an outdoorsman? A computer geek? A history buff? A gadget guy? Perhaps he’s a foodie? An artist? Or maybe a handyman? Is he a dapper dresser, or is he a jock? Is he ready to roll on two wheels, or is he ready to rock?


For Him

Shopping for the men on your list can be pretty quick and easy when you stop by The Junction. We have stores that cater to all kinds of hobbies and interests meaning that no matter what your fellow is into, you can find the perfect gift. Not only will you have a wonderful selection to choose from, you also get the benefit of being helped by professionals who know what’s what when it comes to their products. So come get the personal touch, and see what The Junction has in store for guys this holiday season!

If hobbies reign supreme for your guy, The Junction has a number of great specialty stores that stock only the finest gear. Whether he’s a musician, cook, athlete, or outdoorsmen we have the places to go to find the right selection of gifts. Check out Thunder Road Guitars for the musically inclined, JF Henry Cooking & Dining for those with a culinary flair, West Seattle Cyclery for the diehard cyclist, and Emerald Water Anglers for dudes who live for the outdoors.

Maybe your fellow is a fan of the Seahawks or maybe he’s a dapper dresser? Perhaps he’s more into tech gadgets? We have you covered! Shops like Junction True Value HardwareClick! Design That Fits, and West Seattle Computers have gift ideas that will seem so ingenious he’ll be wondering if you’ve been reading his mind!

There is so much more to discover in the Gifts for Him section of The Junction Holiday Gift Guide, including specific gift ideas to get your wheels turning. There you’ll also find shopping lists, maps, links, and other fun tips to help you make-merry this season!


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